About Me

My name is Karisa, obviously. My blog's title made a lot more sense before I got married and changed my last name.

I live in Milwaukee with my husband, a med student, in a house we just bought. I write about finance for a living. That's why, in my free time, I like to write about all the ridiculous things that are allowed to exist in this world, such as Nickelback and orangutans. I also like to ridicule celebrities because they're not just like us after all.

I cropped people out of this photograph.

My goals in life were always to see someone slip on a banana peel and get a job that required me to own a briefcase. I'm starting to realize that briefcases are going out of fashion and banana peels are really not all that slippery in real life. If you'd like to witness more of my disenchantment with the world, continue to read my blog.

If you'd like to internet-bully me, ask a question, write a guest post, or offer me a book deal, email me. If you're a Nigerian prince or Bill Gates looking to give away money, I don't live here no more.