Friday, October 10, 2014

8 Horror Movies Updated for 2014

I missed out on Seinfeld fandom when the show originally aired, and as I work my way through the series for the first time now, I can't help but notice that almost every one of episodes' plots would be absolutely destroyed by the presence of modern day technology. Cell phones alone--the dumb kind that only allow you to make phone calls--would have stopped at least 75% of the obstacles in that show in their tracks.

The people who run the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account agree, but they're able to come up with seemingly endless plot ideas that fit the show's formula without being undone by things like cell phones, social media, and Wi-Fi.

But what about horror movies?

Does technology ruin horror movie plots, or can it make them scarier? (For instance, not getting 4G service? Scary as hell. Getting texts from your dentist? The stuff of nightmares.) Maybe it doesn't change the genre at all, but merely forces it to update its tropes--from "the phone cords have been cut!" to "my cell battery is dead!" Let's take a look at some examples.