Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Case of the Display Text Button

The other day my car radio display suddenly, out of nowhere, just started scrolling a marquee of the song title and artist where the time used to be. Just right in the middle of a catchy, fresh-to-death jam, the LED display switched from "3:44" to "Pitbull feat. Ke$ha."

"Top hits from your favorite adult films!"

Me: Whoa! Look at the radio!
Chris: It's never done that before?
Me: No, it usually just says the time! This is awesome! Now I'll always know which song is playing.
Chris: It's the little things in life.
Me: Did that literally just start happening 5 seconds ago?
Chris: It seems like it.
Me: Is that even possible? That someone could remotely control what our radio display shows?
Chris: [blah, blah, blah, science, physics, radio waves, antennae, blah, blah, blah]
Me: We're not imagining this, right? It's never done this before?
Chris: I don't think so...maybe I accidentally hit a button when I went to turn up the volume?

Narrator: Yes, you heard that correctly. He was turning up the volume on Pitbull.

Me: Oh, wait, maybe it was this button. [Points to the button that couldn't be any closer to the volume button if it tried. Okay fine, it could.] It says "Display text."

[We have a good, hearty chuckle about how stupid we are.]

Me: The rental car I had that one time also had this feature and it was so distracting.
Chris: Because you were always looking to see what song was playing?
Me: That, and I liked to see how long it took the marquee to change when the song changed.
Chris: How riveting.

[Just then the song changes, as if on cue, and a U2 song begins, according to the marquee.]

Chris: Well I guess our car switches the display pretty quick.
Me: Nice. I knew this was a good car.
Chris: So maybe it won't distract you so much.

[We sit in silence for a few seconds.]

Me: Wait a second, we just found out a U2 song is playing and we haven't done anything about it.
Chris: Good call. [Changes the station]
Me: This will come in handy though, especially in improving our hand-to-dial speed when a Nickelback song comes on.
Chris: We won't even have to hear the opening notes anymore!

Narrator: The Display Text button is a true game changer in the battle against Nickelback.

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