Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things I Did in California

Watched this bird attack a bread bowl.

Attacked a bread bowl myself, right after I finished attacking the clam chowder that it held, before which I had proclaimed my inability to ever finish it.

Saw some sea lions in love.

Ran away from a man-statue who got angry that we took his photo without paying. Because pretending to be a statue is apparently a job now. I feel so guilty for not paying for his services.

Gawked at all the dead animals and expensive fungus in Chinatown.

Ordered a sandwich at Molinari's Deli, sent it back because it was smothered in mayonnaise, and then ate the replacement.

Sang the Full House theme song on the grassy hill across from the Painted Ladies. Wished MK & A were there with me. And Uncle Jesse. Mmm.

Lamented the fact that I've never been to a hookah bar, in Haight Ashbury. It seemed like something one should lament there.

Took a tour of Facebook's campus and wished I had the wherewithal to work there.

Made fun of the tourists at the Golden Gate Bridge who posed for photos made to look like they were holding it up and squishing it between their fingers. I did this instead.

Oohed and aahed over tall, tall trees at Muir Woods. Wasn't satisfied until I found the dingaling tree I had seen last time I visited in 2004. The tree had probably grown some in the last 9 years, but the dingaling had not.

Sat on the beach in pants and a fleece jacket, pretending it was actually beach weather.

Rang up an $80 tab at a restaurant we went to for "just appetizers."

Sipped champagne at Chandon served by a charming Australian server. Her accent truly enhanced the experience.

Blew my life saving's on a bottle of wine at Robert Mondavi because I was already tipsy and why not?

Stumbled into V. Sattui, experienced the best dessert wine of my life (the Angelica), bought a hunk of cheese (because again, why not?) and contemplated crashing a wedding.

Enjoyed the beautiful friggin' vistas of Napa, slightly blurry through a wine buzz. How can anyone see well enough after all that wine to enjoy the rolling hills?

Accidentally ordered grits at Grace's Table and accidentally found them to be the best food of my life.

Thanks, California! It's been real!

*Note: All photos that look good were probably taken by Chris. Others were taken by me or my brother and sister-in-law.


  1. Oh, man, I LOVE the Bay area! This looks like an awesome trip. I'm jealous.

  2. You were busy!! I'm pretty jealous of the entire trip, but my grits-loving heart swooned for the last pic.

  3. Such a perfect trip to the Bay! All the wine!

  4. This looks like a fabulous trip, really makes me want to visit the Bay area!

  5. This is a trip on my bucket list! Love the pictures!! Had a giggle at the ding a ling tree...

  6. Until they lost their collective minds price wise, V. Sattui was one of the truly great hidden marvels of the Napa wine crawl. Raid the deli, buy a bottle of chilled wine and go sit on their great grounds and relax. Still pretty.


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