Saturday, April 27, 2013

Internet Nostalgia

Nostalgia seems to be pretty hot right now. I bet in a few years people will look back on 2013 and be all "remember when nostalgia was a thing? I miss those days! We'd all read Buzzfeed articles about terrible NSYNC outfits and repeatedly proclaim that we can't believe Mean Girls and Love Actually are almost a decade old! I miss missing things!" Since this blog is all about what's HOT, I decided to get in on the trend.

Of course, since I'm obviously a hipster, I was into nostalgia way before everyone else. Remember those days? When nostalgia wasn't cool yet? I miss those days. Anyway, we used to wrap our Christmas ornaments in newspaper when we took down the tree every January, and then come the following December, we'd rediscover everything that was in the news a year ago. My favorite was reading the movie listings. "Oh my gosh, remember this movie? It's so old now!" I'd say. Now that I'm old myself, one year ago really doesn't seem that old. For reference, a movie that opened this weekend in 2012 is The Five-Year Engagement. If you don't remember that movie it's probably because you never saw it, not because it's old.

To get my nostalgia fix these days, I have to go back...Wayback. Enter The Wayback Machine, an internet archive stretching back to good ol' 1996. Remember 1996? Good times. That was the year I learned multiplication, a skill without which I'd be literally nothing today. That was also the year AOL decided to offer pricing for unlimited internet use!

I took the liberty of clicking the story for you.

Yahoo looked a lot sparser too, with boring lists of links about boring things. Were people really arguing about O. J.'s innocence? I mean seriously.

The Yahoo homepage is what I picture when I picture my early internet surfing days. Here it is circa 2000.

...And again in 2004:

A lot of you probably read my posts on Weddingbee. Well, you can see what Weddingbee was like back in the day too! This particular post was written before I even met Chris, before I ever started surreptitiously reading about weddings on the net.

Google was a modest little page back when the Spice Girls reigned supreme. I always associate old Google with the Spice Girls because I used to Google them all the time. All of my early internet research involved the Spice Girls, in fact. Here's the Google homepage (beta! WHAT) from 1998 and the About page.

Using the Wayback Machine, I was able to waste an entire day checking out an ancient version of Etsy, with a "Revolutionary Wireless Reading Device" ad on the homepage, and what the Google logo was changed to for Christmas 2005. You can even do more "academic" or historical research, like the homepage of CNN during the financial crisis in fall of 2008, or on September 11, 2001. You no longer have to save physical copies of newspapers with soon-to-be-infamous cover stories! Internet's got yo back.

Of course, my main interest in life is following celebrity gossip. So I was especially interested in checking out (2002), TV Guide (2002), and (2000).

I could spend all day looking through internet archives. In fact, I already have, so I'm going to stop now. If you ever have literally nothing to do, I suggest giving it a browse. Come back here when you finally manage to claw your way out of the k-hole and let me know what you found!


  1. YAY! More you! This is so fun...and so freaking sad! I'm old! When did that happen?

  2. This really brought me back...and made me feel very old.


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