Monday, March 18, 2013

A Quarter Life Crisis Party

Last week we celebrated Chris's 25th birthday by throwing our first party in the new house. (You'll recall that he also had a birthday three years ago.) Despite the fact that I can't drink, I pulled out all the stops with cocktail ingredients. I'm talking four different garnishes, more 2-liter bottles of pop than you'd ever know what to do with, grenadine, simple syrup, the works. We even bought bitters. That's how you know we're legit. Oh, and there was a muddler involved. You all know how much I respect a muddled cocktail.

And if the above description didn't alert you to the fact that I mean bidniz, the box of Franzia pictured ought to do the trick. I learned on the official Franzia website that that shiz is still good for six weeks after you open it, so I'm looking forward to many a Franzia-fueled night come Easter.

I set out little cocktail recipes in minitature frames so people would  know what to make. I'm always overwhelmed by my options at bars and parties, so I figured this would help people along. I'm very philanthropic in general.

If those are too hard to read, here are the recipes I featured:
We also set out a bunch of heart straws that were leftover from our wedding. Even after the party, we still have a ton left.


And to make it fun, I came up with a bunch of random facts about being 25, the number 25, the year 1988, and his birth date, and hung them all around the basement. They were a hit!

We stupidly didn't take any photos, but one of our guests took this one, and it's the only proof we have that a party took place:

Yes, Guitar Hero happened.

Well, besides this:

And for old time's sake:
Happy birthday, hot stuff.


  1. This looks like a great party!

  2. I love all the fun facts you posted, it looks like a fun time!


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