Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's up with...Cajun Sushi?

The mall food court is a veritable dream come true for most Americans. It’s basically a win-win-win situation. First there’s the sheer convenience of it—all the food you can dream of in one location!

The American Dream

This also appeals to our aversion to exercise in any form, even if said exercise is done in order to procure sustenance. Fatty, salty, greasy sustenance. That’s another perk of the food court: everything sold there is bad for you. Even the healthy fare is somehow fattified.

Not that fried chicken was ever good for you. Meh, let’s add some bacon, cheese, and miscellaneous fat to it, just for kicks.

Take the salads, for instance. The inventors of food courts hemmed and hawed at the inclusion of salads at places like McDonalds, Sbarro, and Quiznos (or my nomination for best fast food restaurant name, Tomato Destination), so they developed a genius plan for combating those pesky nutrients—add croutons! And cheese! And mayonnaise-based dressing!

Suddenly, salads aren’t so scary

Auntie Anne’s has perfected the art of turning a pretzel into a clogged artery in a bag, and the ubiquitous, generic Chinese/Japanese/Asian stand offers a menagerie of traditional Asian cuisine with the MSG baked right into the food (again, for your convenience).

Straight from China

So you can see why a place with a multitude, a bevy, a myriad, a virtual CORNUCOPIA of these so-called “eateries” is basically the best place on earth. But what about those weird food stands, like Steak Escape and Chicken Now? And WHAT the hell is up with those “Cajun” places that literally sell the same thing as the ambiguously Asian eatery next door?

It’s neither Cajun, nor Sushi! It’s…Cajun Sushi!

Tell me something, Big Easy Cajun: was General Tso from the bayou? Is that free sample of chicken teriyaki on a toothpick from some old southern recipe? IS SUSHI A STAPLE AT MARDI GRAS? And how come the people who work there are clearly castoffs from Panda Express and not, say, Popeye’s?

Cajun sushi—what’s up with that? Would you ever order sushi from a food court?


  1. I would and I did. But this was before I knew that a "roll" meant 6 pieces...I thought it just meant one, so I ordered like 15 rolls and later realized I was getting hundreds of pieces of sushi. It interesting day.

  2. I recently had some food court sushi that was absolutely terrible. They didn't use the right kind of rice, so the sushi just fell apart in my hands. It also tasted really gross. It wasn't Cajun though, so I don't know if that would have made it better or worse.

  3. what is that fried chicken madness? OMG!

  4. BTW I apparently can't do math. 6x15 is 90, not "hundreds". Either way, I'm just guesstimating the numbers here.

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  7. Sushi from a mall sounds like a disaster. Bad news!

  8. Am I feeling hungry after seeing all this?

  9. I'm a little too wussy to order sushi from a food court. It's like ordering a tuna sandwich out of a machine. HA!

  10. cajun sushi?!?!? wow! now i've heard it all!

  11. I'm very picky about food, I adore food. I find food courts have a tendency to make me lose my appetite if anything..

    P.S. I really am enraptured by your blog, you're a brilliant writer. Very candid, sincere. I wish I wasn't so afraid to write. I suppose that's why my blog is more of a visual diary. Keep doing what you do, I love it!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog posts doll! :) hmm Cajun sushi. I'm actually scared to try sushi! But I love Cajun seasoning!

  13. that double down sandwich is so delicious!

  14. Umm I feel really hungry right now and i blame you for the fact that I am SO GETTING FAST FOOD TOMORROW!

  15. That Double Down is something else!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

  16. ohmygoodness. i cant decide whether that KFC is a monster or a masterpiece. Brilliant post Love!


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