Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Made: Wristlet

I had been meaning to buy a little zippered wristlet for months, and I’d been meaning to learn how to sew a zipper for even longer than that. So what did a resourceful girl like me do? I massacred both of those damn birds with one stone. Actually, it was a gun.

See, this is why I used a more reliable method.

I found this amazing zippered pouch tutorial via Made and just followed along. The tutorial was very easy to follow, even for a n00b like me. I totally pwned it.

Here it is pre-zipper and with all the extra strings dangling off.

Here are 2 notes from the front lines: first, make your pouch length (from left to right) longer than it needs to be and second, sew your zipper such that when it is zipped, the back of the zipper doesn’t hang off. I tried my hand at MS Paint drawing purely for your amusement.

See how the zipper ends before the pouch does, and how it’s hanging off in the back? Don’t do this.

I exploited the zipper hang-off by using it as an anchor to sew my ghetto-ass “wrist strap,” i.e. a bit of bias tape that happened to be in the same shade of yellow as my ruffle and didn’t need its edges finished. I literally sewed that on haphazardly with the machine for a good 5 minutes.

Here it is propped poetically against the machine whence it came. See the messy threads?

Ready to see the finished product?

I don’t know what’s better, my photography skills or my post-processing with MS Photo Manager skills.

If you look closely you can see the pouch in action—right behind that $5 martini from Lucille’s!

What do you guys think? Would it have been easier to just buy one?

Edit: The ever so kind Ratz from What Can I Say! Has awarded me once again, this time with the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks, Ratz!


  1. Great job! I love the colors. I am loving yellow this season!

  2. I had to be pretty intoxicated to try the raw fish and it was more or less a getting it over with thing to prove to my boyfriend, since he couldn't stand me bashing it, when I didn't even try it...

    I LOVE avocado rolls since many years and that is good enough for me. The raw fish was fine, but really, not worth it (psychologically)!! haha

    =) Hope xx

  3. WOW! you did such an awesome job!!! :)

  4. Well... you got it done and now that pouch is doing rounds in the world...with you... so i think that is a job very well done.... May be yes it would have been better to buy one instead but where could you have had that proud feeling.....

  5. Very cute. I should make one of those. Much more lady like than slipping my ID and credit card in my back pocket.

  6. i think i'd just buy one! but i am kind of lazy. and i'll take that martini, too! :)

  7. hey! that was my $5 martini!

  8. that is a great DIY dear! me likeyy


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  10. you are one crafty chick!!!

    rustoleum is a kind of spray paint. it's the best spray paint ever because it doesn't require any base coats or sanding. you should definitely use it!!! have fun!

  11. I think it's awesome that you made it. I wish I had any sort of crafty talent!

  12. I need this:)
    very very cute!


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