Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Movin' Out

Well, I did it. I finished up the school year, survived the week of debauchery, and managed to make it across the stage at graduation without tripping. I am officially a grown-up now, I guess. Today I moved out of my apartment and back in with the fam, thus beginning my life as an unemployed, depressed bum.

I may even take up World of Warcraft. And I may even move down to my parents’ basement instead of my childhood bedroom, because I don’t feel like my current living situation adequately reflects the extent of my patheticosity.

This is me in like a week.

I like reading blog posts about what people’s homes look like, and I have wanted to do one for a while. Well, there’s no time like now, since I am missing my apartment terribly.

Here’s my bed, with a duvet cover from Ikea and my blanky! I’m really going to miss those huge windows.

And here’s where the magic happened—my blog posts, my English papers, my facebook stalking, my ransom letter composing, and my breakfast eating. It only looked this neat and tidy once, and it was for this picture. If you look closely you can see my creepy horse head pencil. It made it through 4 years of college without ever being sharpened.

The ol’ bookshelf. You can tell this picture was taken last summer because of the GRE book. This was back when I still had delusions of grad school. You can also see my Rubik’s cube and my Einstein action figure. On the wall is my super sweet Harry Potter poster.

In case you wanted to see the goods, here’s the inside of my closet. The door wouldn’t close all the way, so I left it open permanently.

Moving on to the living room. I honestly don’t ever remember it looking this neat. I took these pictures right after we moved in a year ago, so the crap hadn’t accumulated yet. The throw pillows were made by yours truly!

See that corner with all the crap? The pile expanded slowly over the school year until it took over practically the whole room. That was the crap corner, and I think it was basically all my crap too. If you look closely on the top shelf you can see our framed picture of Gunther.

The balcony. It was the reason we wanted to live there so badly, and you can bet we didn’t get nearly enough use out of it. I want to kick myself because that’s probably the last time I’ll ever have a balcony. We mostly just used it to grill. And by “we” I mean my boyf grilled and we helped by eating.

This is the hallway. The room on the right is mine, and the kitchen’s on the end. The painting was also done by yours truly, proving that literally anyone can be an artist.

And here’s the kitchen. There is nothing special about it, really...

…except this sweet fire escape. We used it to throw our garbage out. Taking the garbage out was such a chore in the past, but at this apartment we just flung it off the ledge and right into the welcoming dumpsters that sat below.

We loved our bathroom mostly because we could learn about geography while doing our bidniz. Also, behold my monogrammed hand towel. Classy.

I didn’t take any pics of my roommate’s room because that would be creepy and oddly invasive. By the way, this is us, in case you were wondering:

Basically sums up our relaysh.

I miss my apartment so much, but I miss my roommate even more. Maybe she'll finally leave a comment on this thing...

Have you ever moved away from a place you loved?


  1. congratulations on graduating!!! woo hoo!

    sorry you had to leave a place you loved! by the way, your duvet cover is gorgeous! i am from CA and moved away to the south. i loved it there and well, um, i'm learning to embrace the south for it's own beauty rather than compare it to home {because it doesn't compare!}... easier said than done!

  2. Uhhh you never paid for the rights to use my image on your blog. I'll be expecting a check in the mail.

    I'm amazed at how clean the apartment looks in these pics.

  3. Huge huge heaps of joy for you graduating....!! What a lovely insight into your rooms. I even zoomed in on creepy-head horse.....! He is a bit scary - isn't he...?lol. Karisa, I felt how you're really gonna miss the place. And the last photo of you two gorgeous gals is heartwarming.

    I will be, however, in floods of tears (of joy) when my son stats Uni very soon and moves away into a similar (but probably, highly contagious ) abode..!

  4. I am in LOVEEE with that shower curtain!!! I want it!!!

  5. I loved the fire escape as a means for throwing out garbage. That alone made that apartment worth living in. Especially in the winter.

    Also, we had the same shower curtain in our bathroom. It's entertaining.

  6. congratulations kari... i hope you know big things are in store for you in post-college life!! its exciting, do whatever the hell you want! :)

  7. That's the coolest shower curtain I've ever seen....


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