Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I love colors. Once when I was a freshman, I wore a colorful, floral skirt under a sort-of-loud, pink trench coat, both with clashing prints, to a dining hall on campus. Some douchey bro loser-coughed me. Actually, he coughed “Too many colors!” It still escapes me why some 19-year-old frat boy bothered himself with the appropriateness of my attire. Nevertheless, I still enjoy a good color combo every once in a while/every day. You know what’s making me happy these days? Tights and flats color combos.

My feetsies.

My favorite color combo is the purple tights with the “cranberry” colored flats (third column, fourth from top). Unfortunately my photog skills are…developing…and the color came out wrong. Here’s a pic of the shoe from the Target website.

Still for sale! Only $25!

I also really like the lime green tights with the hot pink flats. Reminds me of a flower on a green stem.

So why did I post this gratuitous shoe collage? Partly for unapologetic shoe p0rn, and partly because I say “screw the douche who says ‘too many colors!’” You may have never been loser-coughed because of how you dress, but I have been several times. Speaking from experience, if this ever happens to you, you should just smile and think at least I like the way I look. I mean seriously: Why should I dress in order to appease that guy? I may never see him again (if I play my cards right) but I have to live with myself for-frickin-ever.

How adventurous are you with your wardrobe?

On a side note, I had a lot of fun answering your questions in my last post, and I would love to answer more, so bring them on!


  1. i am so unadventurous with my wardrobe. i used to be.. back when i was trendy... when i had money to spend on clothes... before babies! but i love all your colors. and those shoes from target are spectacular. love them.

  2. He was probably secretly gay, and wishes he was a host on What Not to Wear. It boggles my mind that a frat boy would even notice! Aren't they too drunk to even know where they are most of the time?! Keep wearing your technicolor dream clothes, if it makes you happy who cares? :)

  3. I wish I could pull of the colored tights and shoes! I wear a lot of colored flat shoes but not tights...BUT I SO WANT TOO:) I love all your colors:) Just found your blog and love it! I'm a new follower:) Hope you have a great Thursday!


  4. Too many colors? HA. There isn't such a thing! Fabulous collection you've got there!


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