Sunday, March 28, 2010

Confession Sunday

It’s time for another round of confessions (cleverly titled Confessions Part II)! In the first installment I shared with you some of my deepest, darkest secrets. Now I’m going to share my even deeper, even darker secrets, because I just have to get these off my chest.

  • Once at a meeting everyone had to go around and say their most embarrassing moment. I just used one of my friends’ because I was too embarrassed to say mine.

Not as embarrassing as this, though.

  • I still have a blanky. In my bed.

This was taken as photographic evidence/blackmail by a friend/blackmailer.

  • When my roommate isn’t home I play the same song over and over again, but then I make fun of other weirdos who do this.

“Like my ipod’s stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay”

  • I actually liked Kate Gosselin’s hair extensions. So sue me for thinking anything was an improvement over her inverse mullet.

Which is worse, a real live mullet, or fake normal-people hair?

Now it’s your turn: What are you guilty of?


  1. You crack me up girly! I listen to the same song on replay over and over again....Oh and I think that Kate's extensions are a def improvement from the reverse mullet....LOL

    I have lots of embarrassing moments....Lots to do with learning to one year for Easter Dinner before Kelcee was born I made potato salad and it crunched....all my family ate a little bit of it but no-one had the nerve to tell me but my sweet brother LOL....then I realized I didn't cook the potatos..... OMG....I just cut them up and mixed the stuff in them and ta da....that is my very big ding dong moment and I can't believe I just wrote it on the web LOL

    Summer ;0)

  2. bahahaha! i can agree with you on a bunch of thing... definitely think kate's etensions were a gigantic improvement, i always listen to the same song, i don't think my hubby would let me sleep with a blankie, though. : ) my embarrassing tidbit: i pee my pants frequently when i laugh too hard.

  3. haha sometimes i also play a song over and over again!
    i have just followed your blog
    mind to follow mine back?

  4. I rocked to the Spice Girls while spring cleaning today :) No shame!

  5. The boy totally sleeps with his blanky still. I think it's hilarious.

  6. hey thanks for following my blog!

    i still have the teddy bear that i got when i was two. he sometimes sleeps with me. ;)

    and i agree that kate gosslin's hair extensions are an improvement. her old cut looked like it was out of the 90's!

  7. I confess that I love Lady Gaga and have turned my 2-year-old daughter into a fan. I confess that I still watch Desperate Housewives. I confess that I am allowing my Gaga loving daughter to watch tv right now so I can catch up on emails and blogs.

    And BTW, I like Kate Gosselin's extensions too. YOu're right, anything is better than the old 'do.

  8. I liked reading your confessions :) I am more addicted to pop culture, reality TV, and the stars of The Hills than I'd like to admit to! There's mine!

  9. Oh so many things that there is not enough space in here for all of them... but definitely I enjoyed most of them... haha!


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