Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meanest Proposal Ever

I just saw found this video over at Glamour:

It seems kind of fake, but who knows? I can't believe she said yes, though. How could you go from saying eff you to I do in a matter of seconds? Diamonds, that's how. My favorite part was when she gingerly removes the rock from the box and examines it to make sure it's real, as if to say, "Did you say something about"

What is it with boyfriends thinking it's funny to prank their girlfriends? Actually it's just boys in general. No, it's people in general. Why does everyone prank me all the time?? My biggest fear in life is becoming the girl in this video (and Captain Howdy--not becoming him, just seeing his face).


  1. Kari, why do you do these things to yourself? You are basically begging me to send you more Captain Howdy.

  2. This will happen to you.


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