Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello, My Future Roommate

I just found this hilarious ad for a roommate via I *Heart* You, and I just had to repost here. At first I was like "I wish I could be that person's roommate! It would be totally rad--we could talk about how awesome everything in our respective lives are and use lots of exclamation points!"

This is him, "your bad ass new roommate."

But then I thought about it a little bit--would I really like to live with someone who'd come up to me while I was making dinner and be like "ZOMG you're making eggs! Because we are ALL about gas stoves up in HERE. Thank BUDDHA for modern appliances, yo!"

And I don't know if I believe all of his fantastical claims, such as "You can shower and take a shit w/o anyone being up in your business!!!" I mean, I can just picture him standing outside the bathroom with his ear pressed to the door listening for the ol' plop plop if you know what I mean...

Ah well, I admire his fresh perspective on craigslist advertising.

Would you live with this guy??

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