Friday, February 26, 2010

Confession Friday

Since it’s Lent and all, I figured in addition to vegetarian Fridays I’d also do some confessing like a good Catholic. These are my confessions:

I always set the “will return” clock at work for 8 am when I close up, so that my boss will feel guilty if she comes in late the next morning.

take that, boss!

I once changed the Wikipedia entry for “edible underwear” to say they could be made out of salami. It lasted a month or so before some fun-killer noticed and took it down
Imagine if that said "salami with chocolate" instead. Now we're talking.

Speaking of chocolate, I eat chocolate chips by the handful when there’s no real chocolate in the apartment.

I secretly love Lifetime original movies. Especially when they’re about teenagers getting pregnant or having inappropriate relations with their teachers or hunting down their rapist or running from a murderous stalker. I’m watching one now called Fifteen and Pregnant. It’s better than She’s Too Young, but not as good as Babysitter Seduction.

Also starring Emma from Degrassi!

What is everyone else guilty of? Come on, fess up!


  1. I love you Kari

    did you really do that to my mom? So cruel.

  2. no my other boss! haha i don't have any ill will toward your mom.


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