Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I found another blog to add to my reader today: 1000 Awesome Things. It’s basically a countdown of the simple pleasures in life, one posted every day. If you’re still feeling blue even after I cheered you up yesterday, check out this blog. It may just get you thinking about all the reasons there are to be happy. I was inspired to make my own small list, just off the top of my head, of awesome things.

Tiny Apartments:

Have you ever been to Ikea and seen the teeny tiny model apartment that somehow fits a family of four into basically a shoebox and looks good doing it? I wish I lived there. Something about really small living spaces appeals to me—maybe it’s because they look so comfy-cozy, or maybe it’s because there are fewer places for axe murderers to hide. I also love to look at Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Contest pictures. Please, God, Let me have a smaller apartment next year!

Compliments from Strangers:

Today a stranger said she liked the little yellow bow on my headband, even though I was avoiding eye contact with her (I’m awkward). I always envision people complimenting me on my hairdo/outfit/yellow bow/or whatever, but usually I get nothing. So when a stranger gives a compliment, it makes up for all those other times. I also like to think that the bow on my headband made it onto someone else’s list of awesome things that made them smile today.

I’m adding this headband to my list too. And do I really still wonder why people think I'm a child?

This Picture:

And you all think I like too many colors!

I wish this were my room. How calm and peaceful would it be to sit in that white chair and read a book while that tree scrapes the window from outside? I miss trees sometimes. I’d almost forgotten what they look like, since the few trees left in this city are leafless and covered with snow.

The Sound of a Can Being Popped Open:

So satisfying. Especially if it’s Diet Pepsi.

Singing (in the privacy of my own home):

Especially singing along to show tunes or BeyoncĂ©-worthy power ballads, and especially when you hit a really high note and hold it for just a few seconds too long. I just hope my walls aren’t too thin.

My only regret is not being as sexy as Susan.

Snow in my Hair:

Not this much snow.

Okay, sometimes it looks like dandruff. But it also looks really pretty when the sun hits it just right, in those few short moments before it melts. There’s something poetic about the fleetingness of it all. (I’m starting to become a douchey philosophizer. Sorry.)

Things that Make you Laugh Even When You're Alone:

Nic Cage as a Unicorn, from Nic Cage as Everyone, blogged about here.

I don’t know why, but this picture made me laugh so hard, and it still does every time I look at it. Or think about it. I love when you accidentally think about something really funny in class and you have to pretend to cough or sneeze in order to not laugh. Everything is funnier when you’re not allowed to laugh (or when it involves Nic Cage).

What’s on your awesome list?


  1. That reminds me of this!

    Have I ever forced you to watch that movie? I forget. but I spend too much time thinking about what my "Amelie" likes are, and all I can come up with is cleaning the kitchen counter.

  2. I actually watched that movie of my own accord, and I love that part too! If you really love cleaning the kitchen counter, will you live with me? And can we get a teeny tiny apartment?

  3. i can't comment on your confession involving setting the IMC clock to 8AM... no link to comment on that post, for some reason... anyway, i found that HILARIOUS and i totally love you for doing that.
    and who says chocolate chips aren't REAL chocolate!?


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