Thursday, January 14, 2010

Made: Yellow Flower Necklace

Here is the first installment of “Something I made all by myself!” I know I made fun of this type of blogging in my first post (but seriously, what was up with that vest made out of pop tabs? I saw that on a real blog that was actually about people making their own clothing. It was masquerading as clothing).

But here’s what I think of the whole crafting/blogging dichotomy: I have more incentive to blog if I have something to write about and show off. Similarly, I am more likely to make stuff if I know I have a medium for showing it off. Catholic confession time: half the reason I make stuff is so people will say “oooh, ahh, how fabulous!” The other half is because it’s cheaper, and the other half is because it’s fun to make stuff. Yes, that makes three halves (I put 150% of myself into every diy project [side note: does anyone else absolutely hate when people say “I want to give 110%” or some other number that is >100? It’s not logically sound, people!]).

So back to my crafting fabulosity. Over the summer I went into Anthropologie down in the Third Ward. Don’t ask me why; it’s not as though I can even afford a piece of thread from that store (oh, you mean that’s actually a scarf?). I found a necklace there that I just absolutely Had. To. Have.

Are you drooling on your keyboard yet? Ew, you sicko. What’s wrong with you?

Unfortunately, it was $42. I don’t think I will ever spend that much on any necklace, no matter how rare the stones are. This necklace wasn’t even made out of precious stones. No, the folks at Anthro were charging the equivalent of 5 hours of working at my menial student job for a necklace made out of FABRIC. Well, my little thinker got to thinking and I decided that, since fabric is one of the materials I am somewhat comfortable with (dare I say it is the fabric of my life? Or does that not even make enough sense to be a bad joke?) I could easily make my own for a fraction of the cost.

Since I wasn’t an avid blogger at the time, I did not document my efforts photographically. But I think I can provide a good enough tutorial for those of you interested in trying your hand at this little endeavor. First, I bought some yellow fabric at Walmart.


For those who didn’t realize, this is what yellow fabric looks like when it is artfully swirled.

I don’t know what kind of fabric it was, but it felt kind of like a sheet (like for a bed), if that helps. Most of their fabric feels like that, because I don’t think they really specialize in varying their fabric selection. I think I bought 1 yard, because I didn’t know you could buy partial yards (actually, I still don’t know if you can do that, but I’ve since bought partial yards of trim so I assume you can do so with fabric too). Then I traced and cut different sized circles. Make sure to cut the same amount of each size so that your four flowers will be roughly equal. It doesn’t matter if they are perfect circles (lord knows mine were practically squovals), and if the fabric frays, that’s okay! Just make it work!

After my circles were all cut out, I stacked them all up into four “flowers,” with larger circles on bottom and smaller circles on top. I don’t remember how many circles I made for each flower, but it doesn’t matter anyway. Just use your best judgment and make all four flowers have the same number.

Next, I bought a little vial of green seed beads and a packet of jewelry-making…stuff.

These probably have names already, but I shall call it…stuff.

I don’t even know what I bought, but I think they are used in actual jewelry making (like clasps and teeny-tiny rings). I just bought them because they were gold and I thought they’d do the trick. I by no means used them as they were meant to be used in jewelry-making. I randomly sewed strings of green beads and gold thingies into the middle of each circle.

Green things are seed beads. Gold junk is…I have no idea.

Then I went about “cinching” the circles to make them look less circle-y and more flower-ish. I did this by pinching the middle of each circle, in the back, and sewing random stitches on the pinch. Let me tell you, there has GOT to be a better way to do this. This part was really boring, time-consuming, and unregulated for my taste (come to think of it, this whole project was unregulated, and I’m sure this tutorial will help no one because I keep saying “just sew random stitches!” But seriously, I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time). Plus, my flowers did not come out as wavy-looking as the real ones.

Next came making these little flowers into an actual necklace (speaking of randomly attempting to diy something when I don’t know what I’m doing…). Like I said, I have absolutely no jewelry-making experience, unless you count friendship bracelets on the playground in fourth grade. So I just picked up a silver chain in the craft department at Walmart and tried sewing the flowers to each other and then to the chain. Long story short: this chain looked totes stupid and didn’t even work right. I ended up using hot glue, more stitches, and periodical adjustments throughout the day when I actually wore the necklace. I haven’t actually worn it since that day because I haven’t gotten the chain part figured out. I will abstain from giving you advice on how to finagle this part because I obviously have no right to do so.

Yeah...this is before the drinking started.

Final assessment: I ended up spending approximately $10 on this project, between the fabric and jewelry-making supplies. However, with the amount of supplies I purchased I could have set up a sweat shop and mass-produced hundreds of these bad boys (assuming I could procure some defenseless children for the manual labor). I would say it was $10 well spent except for the fact that I have only worn the thing once, to my cousin’s wedding. Perhaps I will fix the chain one of these days. Until then, crafting fail?

Has anyone else ever attempted to recreate something they saw at a store for mucho dinero? What was it? I’m curious!

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  1. KARI. You are so fucking funny! I laughed at least seven times while reading this. And I love how you put random links and pictures in your blog. YAY INTERACTIVENESS.


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