Friday, January 29, 2010

Made: Some Cards

I’ve been into card-making lately. Well, the cheapskate in me has always been into card-making, but that was back in the Print Shop Deluxe days. My parents still ask me to make cards for people on print shop and I have to remind them that we no longer have a floppy disk drive.

So now that I’ve evolved past clip-art libraries and MS-DOS, I’ve moved on to actual cut-and-paste type cards. There are actually a lot of good ideas for homemade cards on the internet.

These are part of a card swap I participated in this Christmas. Mine isn’t pictured because it, um, wasn’t very good.


I made a wedding card for my cousin this summer before I really knew anything about card-making. I still don’t know very much, except that you’re supposed to use cardstock, not scrapbooking paper. It was a little on the flaccid side…

That ain't no Print Shop Deluxe

For the dress, I drew a dress shape on white paper, cut it out, and wrapped the skirt in two pieces of lace to create a tiered skirt. I used a glue dot to attach the mini rosette to the “waist.” The veil is made of a piece of sheer ribbon and some more lace.

This is a card I made for my dad’s birthday. I used the tutorial I found on a design blog I read, How About Orange. I like mini things and colorful things, so naturally this card struck my fancy. If you’d like the make your own, her tutorial is great. I would add that it was very easy to make!

My photog skills are not up to snuff, I’m afraid.

Finally, a card only a boyfriend could love. (I would say “only a mother could love,” but I gave it to my boyfriend, and he had to like it because otherwise I’d deck him.) It was yet another crafting fail. I’m learning, people!

I got the idea for this from another blog I read, MADE. It was my first experience sewing on paper. I used stash fabric (okay, it was an old sheet I bought at a thrift store). This fabric also makes an appearance in a tank top I embellished over the summer. Perhaps I’ll blog about that project later.

This is my own rendition of the artfully swirled fabric photo from my necklace post.

I think I need to work on making sure the fabric doesn’t shift during the sewing, because I ended up with a pucker. I also need to go slower because my stitches were a little sloppy.

Like I said, he had to like it or I’d deck him

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters on the front.

O, Cricut. How I love thee.

So I'm curious: if you had to make all your own cards from now on, would you go this route or invest in a Print Shop Deluxe?


  1. love the homemade cards! i'm afraid i don't have the patience for them... but a cricut? i pore over them when they're featured on the shopping network!

  2. I would just draw grotesque illustrations on a folded piece of paper. Dat's my style.

  3. I make all of my cards and have for years. I don't own a cricut but I do have a Silhouette. We used to have Print Shop Deluxe as well - didn't every crafty person? LOL


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