Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lyric Interp: Fleetwood Mac

In the words of the greatness that is Fleetwood Mac:
"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.
Don't stop, it'll soon be here.
It'll be better than before.
Yesterday's gone. Yesterday's gone."

Well isn't that an upbeat song? It's an oldie but a goodie for me because I have a tendency to listen to "The Dance" on repeat when I'm forced to pick something from my dad's CD collection. Fleetwood Mac is just about the only musical preference we have in common. (And the Beatles, but everyone likes them. That's like saying I'm Keira Knightley's twin because we both like chocolate. Actually, by the looks of her, she probably doesn't indulge in chocolate nearly as frequently as I do. But I digress.) Anyway, when this song came on the radio yesterday I couldn't help but be depressed by it. Ugh, you're right, Christine McVie--tomorrow will soon be here. In fact, my anxiety and fear about the proverbial “tomorrow” increases with every turn of the Sudoku page-a-day. Maybe it’s because in about four short months I will be homeless, jobless, moneyless, and the sheepish recipient of an English degree. Why are you leaving me, my dear alma mater? Why, after all the money I’ve given you? After all the good times we’ve had together? Why are you kicking me out, making me fend for myself, giving me the cold shoulder?
This is a visual representation of Marquette's treatment of me.

According to this article, the number of depressed college students today is five times the amount from 1938, in the midst of The Great Depression. Why is this? Here are the hypotheses:

· The recession—no jobs

· Everyone's fixation on perfection and individualism

· Parents are raising their kids to be neurotic

· Too much emphasis on mental well-being causes people to be more aware of their pathetic lives

I think all of these explanations seem viable. But I am a bit skeptical of this study. First of all, it was self-reported, so we can’t actually say that these people were clinically depressed. Second of all, almost everyone goes to college today, or else they are ostracized as lazy asses that will ultimately amount to nothing in life. Back then, however, college students comprised the rare group of people who could afford not only tuition but time to study such pointless pursuits as Anthropology and the like, while their less affluent counterparts toiled away in factories. So of course college students were happy back then.

This article was definitely not life-altering for me, except that it managed to mutate a friendly old song into the trigger for a self-loathing-induced drinking binge. Just kidding.

But it’s true, what they say: yesterday really is gone. And the days of eating koala yummies without a care in the world are gone too.

Oh yeah. Get in my belly.


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  1. So I had left you a nice long comment, and the internet decided to go out. That's Central America for ya...
    (sigh) haha

    I just wanted to tell you that its good to read your posts again... I have a blog here too, if you feel like adding me. I rarely use it, and its one of those "oh my god maybe my blue is different than your blue" type of blogs. lol

    I also just wanted to tell you not to worry about all that post-college bullcrap. Seriously. Life is what you make it, and you are a wonderfully creative, positive, and beautiful person, so I am sure you will create something great for yourself!

    Here's my advice to you, as a still somewhat newbie post-grad:
    have fun!
    MEET NEW PEOPLE. That is probably the most important thing I'd emphasize because if you're stuck with the same friends, you're probably in the same place, with the same routine, which doesn't lead to new opportunities for your soon-to-be-fabulous life! Making new friends is one of the best things you can do for yourself after school, I am sure of it.
    and last, but not least
    try new things! don't be afraid to take a job doing something you never considered working in before... and certainly don't be afraid to try something new, just for fun :)
    sometimes the best opportunities come in the least expected places!

    that is all the words of wisdom I have for you today, my dear friend. I hope you haven't forgotten me, even though I am off traipsing around Central America. hehe.

    Peace,Love&Hugs :)


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